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Fuel Delivery
Roadside Assistance

Ran out of gas on the road? Instead of panicking, call Georgia Roadside™ for your fuel delivery services in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Get a service technician ETA to you in minutes!

Not sure if we provide roadside assistance in your area? Just give us a call at:



Let our professionals refuel your car safely with a smile. Your car will be back in business in no time.

we come to you

We've got you covered with our mobile gas delivery services in the Atlanta, Georgia area for refueling a car or truck.


Contact us today and schedule your gas or diesel delivery 24/7 anywhere.

fast Service

Out of gas? We bring you gas and follow you to the nearest gas station to make sure you get there safely.

  • How fast can someone come to me?
    We generally arrive in 15 - 30 minutes. The technician will send their ETA in 5 MINUTES once [Emergency Service Form] is submitted. Service Deposit must be paid to receive immediate service.
  • Why do I have to pay a Service Deposit?
    We value our customers time and ours, the service deposit secures your service. The Service Deposit is $15 and we deduct it from your total after services are completed.
  • What if I cancel my service? What happens to my Service Deposit?
    If services are un-successful by technician, you are backed by a 100% MONEY BACK GAURANTEE. If services are canceled 15 minutes after submitting then Service Deposit is forfeited.
  • How to fix a tire when stuck on the highway?
    Most likely you probably have a screw or nail sticking out of your tire. Most of these cases only require a tire plug which generally only takes 10 minutes. You also need a air compressor to add air in the tire. Our Georgia Roadside™ technicians come fully equipped to handle all your roadside service needs at
  • How to find and fix a slow leak in your tire?
    Firstly don't drive on leaking flat tire to prevent further damage. Start first by getting a spray bottle and filling it with soapy water to spray the tire. Please note you will also need air in the tire. Keep a lookout for any bubbles which will show where the leak is coming from. Once you've found the leak, call Georgia Roadside™ and will help you get on your way.
  • What is the best inflation pressure for my tire?
    Generally 35 to 40 psi it's good who are your tires life and ride comfort.
  • How does the cars remote key fob work?
    The buttons on your key fob work on either the 433 or 315 MHz band of radio frequency. Remote on locking apps use BLE communication in the 2.4 GHz band of radio frequency. When out of Bluetooth range it communicate with your car via SMS text message.
  • Can a car company unlock my car remotely?
    For many new models, the car company or their agent such as ONstar has the ability. For immediate lock out services call Georgia Roadside™ or submit service order request.
  • What do you do when locked out of car?
    One option is to go home and get your spare key. If you don't have a spare key, no problem most cars can still be open by a locksmith using a slim jim. Georgia Roadside™ is good at getting you into your lock vehicle
  • Best ways to start a car after you've run out of gas?
    Get gasoline, fill at least 2 gallons in the tank, after a minute then try to turn on your vehicle. If it doesn't start the first time no worries, it usually takes time for the fuel pump to be primed. Spaying starter fluid on the engine would also help.
  • What are symptoms of being out of gas?
    As soon as the engine dies you will lose all power assistance with the steering and breaking. You can still steer and break but it will be much harder to do so when the engine is running. Once you've coasted to a stop pull over and call Georgia Roadside™ for assistanance
  • What is the maximum amount of diesel fuel delivered?
    Georgia Roadside™ diesel delivery brings you 10 gallons of diesel fuel to get you on your way in just 15 - 40 minutes.
  • How to jumpstart a semi truck thats 12V or 24V?
    Heavy trucks are usually equipped with four big batteries. Firstly you need to be aware, there may be multiple batteries wired in series, parallel, or isolate. 24V, 12V, or a 12V system with a aux battery. If it is a 12V system it can be jumpstarted with a regular 12V battery. On the other hand if you have a 24V system, you will need a 24V jump starter (positive cable to one battery and the negative cable to the other battery) do not connect it where the two batteries are joined.
  • How to safely jumpstart a vehicle?
    Red to red or positive to positive or (+ to +) THEN (- to -) or negative to negative or black to black. Jumpstart then disconnect in the reverse order by taking the black negative cables off first then the positive cables off last in order.
  • Can you jumpstart a dead electric car battery?
    You can jump start a 12 V battery (the one that runs dies if you leave the lights on while the car is off I but if your vehicles main battery is dead, you will require a generator supplying at least 100 amps. Unlike the gasoline engine, electric cars get their energy from the battery. A jumpstart will be helpful if you need to access your cars hood but not for the main battery.
  • What if I want to cancel my service order?
    No problem! As long as you cancel with 10 minutes of receiving the ETA time, you're backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • How do I get roadside assistance now?
    You can get started two ways. Fill out the service order form on the bottom of the website or by calling 404-999-0196
  • How can I expedite my ETA time?
    By submitting the Service Order Form. We available 24/7 and will send you ETA information within 2 - 5 minutes of submission. You can also call dispatch at 404-999-0196
  • How quick will you arrive?
    We general arrive within 15 - 45 minutes, once service deposit is submitted.
  • What is a Service Deposit?
    A Service Deposit secures your service call and ETA time. Its generally $15 and is deducted from your total upon completion of services.
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